If we properly take care of our eyes, there are lots of problems which can be avoided. These habits are very easy to practice, but the sad part is, not everyone takes them seriously.

If you want your eye health to be on track, and your vision sharp, there are some measures you need to put in place.

One of such measures is to avoid rubbing your eyes. Our hands are exposed to much dirt, bacteria and dust, and they can be effortlessly transmitted to your eyes when you either rub or touch them.

Therefore, it is advisable for you to evade the act of putting your hands in your eyes for the purpose of infection prevention. If you are already in the habit of regularly putting your hands in your eyes, you need to stop it soonest.

You need to also imbibe the act of washing your hands frequently. This is beneficial in ensuring bacteria is prevented, and you can stop them from entering your eyes by using contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Also, you need to give your eyes protection from the sun. When your eyes are exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, it increases the chances of macular degeneration which could case cornea sunburns.

Hence, asides the fashion statement which your sunglasses come with, they are also offering protection to your eyes.

Staying hydrated is also part of the important practices which is needed for a healthy eyesight. When you take enough water, it is beneficial to the entire wellness of your body, and this includes your eyes. When you are hydrated, your eyes would not be dry.

Smoking is also not good for your eyes. When you smoke, your eyes become susceptible to macular degeneration which comes with age. Asides this, other eye problems like cataract and the likes are likely to occur.

Smoking has the capacity to destroy the optic nerves, which can cause undesirable effects on your vision.

Having a balanced diet is needed for a healthy eye. You need to make sure that your diet contains various foods which are rich in nutrients.



Excessive use of alcohol and drugs induces many side effects which includes: nausea, changes in mood, aggression, agitation, sleepiness and the likes. All these side effects are strong indication that intoxication is in play. When they occur frequently in an individual, and other changes are observed in some parts of the body such as the eyes, hair, skin, teeth and nose, then it is very clear that alcohol and drugs are being abused.

The change in the conventional colour of the eye and its motion as well, can display intoxication. Eyes which re bloodshot are a strong symptom of intoxication from many drugs and alcohol, and this occurs because there is an expansion of the blood vessels which are present in the eyes.

Other drugs could cause water to drip out of the eyes, or the eyelids could become heavy, and the pupils might experience change in size. As a matter of fact, pupils which have a pinpoint structure show that there is an overdose of opioid use.

When vision damage is in play at the early stage, the brain most times tries to make up for this. However, if the abuse continues for a long time, then medical treatment is needed for the addict, in order to prevent eventual damage of the eyes.

If there are changes in the eye which is as a result of intoxication, there may be measures in place to ensure that it is not obvious. However, having red bloodshot eyes, is a common symptom of being intoxicated with marijuana. Hence, people try to cover this up by using eye drops so that it does not become observable.

Nonetheless, when there is a change in the size of the pupil, and there are changes in the movements of the eye, then it would be hard to hide. When an individual is hooked on addiction for a long period of time, there are strong indications that adverse health problems could set in.

The following points are possible effects of substance abuse on the eyes:

  • Macular degeneration which occurs with age
  • Cornea damage
  • Dry eyes syndrome
  • Endophthalmitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Lesions
  • Maculopathy
  • Ocular bone damage
  • Constant changes in the movement of the eye
  • Retinal vascular occlusive disease
  • Toxic cataracts


Substance abuse and addiction can affect each and every part of the human body. It can have an impact on vison and the eye sight even to a state of blindness. Although, damage to the eye sight caused by addiction is not something that is commonly thought of.

People are mostly aware of the danger addiction poses on body parts like the heart, liver, lungs kidney. However, it is necessary to know that addiction can cause a damaging effect even to the smallest aspect of the human body.

The eye is a very delicate part of the body and the impact of addiction on it is not a negligible one. There are some signs that shows the damage addiction is causing to the eye such as reddening of the eye, presence of large black holes on the pupils causing partial visibility just to mention a few.

There are some commonly abused drugs that have special negative impact on the health of the eye:

  • Cocaine

Cocaine is a rampant drug that is usually abused. A peculiarity of this drug is that the effect of the drug on the eye is not easily noticed. It is usually regarded as an eye anesthetic. However, there are issues such as itching of the eye, scratching and even soreness to the corneal causing severe pain, blurred visions and at the worst case, a permanent loss of sight.

  • Heroin

The effect of addiction to heroin on the eye is usually constriction and reduction in the size of the eye pupil. As a result of this, the ability of the pupils to respond to dim light would be lost. Also cases of blurred vision or permanent loss of sight can occur due to shrinking of the blood vessels that feeds the eye.

  • Amphetamine

Amphetamine which is usually regarded as a performance enhancing drug can cause redness to the eye or dilation of the eye pupils. This can lead to a reduction in visibility and an increased risk of acute-angle closure glaucoma which is dangerous eye defect that can lead to loss of eye sight.

  • Marijuana

Marijuana is known to increase the heart rate, blood pressure and the activity of the nervous system. It has the ability of reducing visual performance and decreases smooth pursuit eye movement which causes a difficulty to read, color blindness and variations in the size of the pupil.

The health of the eye is something that must not be taken with levity and to avoid damage to the eye, it is important you desist from substance abuse. x