Treatment for Substance Abuse

substance abuse treatmentYour eye health is invaluable, as is the health of the rest of your bodily systems. Achieving optimal health is not without its challenges, yet good health is a universal desire. If you are struggling with a substance abuse habit and you want to be free of it to help your physical and mental health flourish, treatment options are available to you. There is no need to try to end your substance abuse problem alone when mental health professionals are available to guide you through the process of becoming sober.
Alcohol drug rehabilitation is a common method of eliminating a substance abuse problem. This method is highly recommended because its model has been the most successful to date. Inpatient rehab programs offer a thorough detoxification from the substance in question, followed by extensive treatment aimed at eliminating the underlying causes of the substance abuse problems. This often has the option of being followed up by a sober living program for those who need time to readjust to sobriety upon reentering society.
The detoxification is the first step to treatment because counseling and behavioral exercises do no good if the toxin is still present in the person’s system. Either through the rehab facility itself or through a private detox clinic, the client will be housed and monitored until the substance has left their system. This comes with constant medical supervision and prescription medications when necessary in order to prevent unpleasant and dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Once this process is complete, counseling, workbook exercises, therapeutic activities and a number of other good mental health practices come into play. The psychological treatment received in residential rehab will help you understand what lead to your substance abuse problems and how to change your thinking to avoid them in the future.
Bringing a substance abuse problem under control is not a pleasant process and will present you with many challenges, but thanks to the advances of modern substance abuse treatment and addiction counseling, you do not need to let it control your life any longer!

Substance Abuse Destroys Eye Health

substance abuse hurts eye healthIt has long been agreed upon that substance abuse is detrimental to all the body’s systems. Overuse of drugs, alcohol or even food can lead to health conditions and toxicity within the body. We have all heard the statistics on liver damage caused by alcohol consumption and heart failure caused by a drug overdose, but seldom do we consider the effects of substance abuse on the optical organ: the eye. Eye health depends on nutrients, vitamins and medicinal substances that we ingest, so it is only logical that ingesting toxins will lead to poor eye health. Recent studies have supported this opinion.
It has been found that many prescription medications can lead to deteriorated eye health with abuse. An array of pharmaceutical pills has been connected to eye diseases such as uveal tract disease, glaucoma, cataracts, retinal abnormalities and optic nerve diseases. These health detriments can be caused by regular prescription medications when not used as prescribed. Prescription medication abuse is a phenomenon that is rapidly on the rise in North America, with a plethera of side effects and health consequences that continue to be discovered daily.
Alcohol is also a known eye irritant. Bloodshot, twitching eyes are commonly observed in people who have consumed too much alcohol, but the substance has also been found to cause cataract development, short term double vision and ocular rosacea when used too heavily. There are certain instances where a person who has consumed an extremely strong alcohol, such as moonshine, has lost their vision completely. Studies are also beginning to emerge that indicate the chemical MSG can cause vision problems in some people.
We are heavily dependent on sight as a species, and protecting our health should be prioritized. Addiction and substance abuse are a widespread phenomenon in our culture, but medical professionals are actively trying to call awareness to the health problems it can create. For better eye and bodily health, quit substance abuse and return to a diet of nutirtional and medicinal substances.