Eye Health

the health of the eyeEye health is commonly something people do not notice until it is gone. We are reliant on the health of our eyes everyday, yet very few people think about how to keep their eyes healthy. A vast majority of animal species, including humans, have very intricate eyes that relay an incredible amount of information to the brain, as well as detect light and dark. This complex organ needs proper care in order to sustain its health and function.

Monitoring your intake as far as food or any other substance is concerned is vital to your eye health. What you ingest will most certainly effect the way your eyes function, feel and perform. Smoking is particularly hard on the eye’s health and has been connected to a number of eye diseases that lead to blindness. Thinking about your diet is critical for eye health, and eye doctors highly recommend avoiding substance abuse of every kind and increasing the intake of dark leafy greens in your diet for proper vitamins and nutrients. This also helps manage weight, which is important because diseases tied to obesity have been known to lead to blindness.

It is also important and somewhat obvious to protect your eyes from the elements and from hazards. If your job requires you to wear protective eye wear, or if you engage in hobbies such as woodworking that call for protective eye wear, take protecting your eyes seriously. If you are going to be exposed to bright sunlight, always bring your sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV. You should even be aware of preventing eye strain, meaning if you are required to focus your eyes on one thing for an extended amount of time (particularly a screen), do not forget to look away, give your eyes breaks and be continuously resting your eyes from their labor. Unlike muscles, eyes will be effected from overuse injuries in the form of headaches, blurriness and tiredness.

Canadians have access to some of the finest eye doctors in the world and some of the most advanced eye surgeries and procedures available to correct vision. Whether you are located in Toronto, Edmonton or Kelowna laser eye surgery and other optical medical treatments are available.

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